Review of iPhone X:

iPhone X is a wonderful smartphone in the world. Apple company made iPhone X very nicely. Apple company released Face id security system. Face id security is a new password authentication system. iPhone X has face id security locked. iPhone X has a wonderful screen glass and stainless steel and removes home button. Actually iPhone X is the most beautiful smartphone.

iPhone X has is a wireless charging system. This color, design, the camera is actually very nice. Apple iPhone X is a popular smartphone in the world. Many people like iPhone X. Apple company used much-advanced technology made for iPhone X.Apple iPhone X real price 64GB2$49.91/mo. or $999.00 and 256GB2$56.16/mo. or $1,149.00.

Apple iPhone X has two colors that silver and space gray. Both are a wonderful color.

iPhone X is a best smart phone in the world.

iPhone X have sensor housing controversy system.

It has advance hardware and softer. Apple iPhone X actually  very beautiful.

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